Miss Emily FPS Fantasy lady Mon - Fri +61 455 250 817

Miss Emily loves role play and any BDSM that can make Her use Her body, the centre of her universe. Miss Emily loves to switch it up doing Sub sessions gets Her rocks off and if you have a magic tongue you will see squirting... obviously Miss Emily loves body worship!

Mistress Kaja  available Monday - Friday with notice +61 88212 3332

Mistress Kaja is Our naked Mistress, She is a smiling assassin, lets hope you can handle Her Hollywood beauty and Her evil hands in session... Her limits will be your limits!   

Goddess Mercy 13 professional years @ FPS

Available Saturdays 11am - 6pm
Kinks include but not limited to Xdressing, Electro play, Wax play all forms of BDSM and strap on fun.

Fetish Palace Studios News...

Our Mistress' & Switch, have been trained in-house  in the traditional & professional  BDSM way.

After Their two year apprenticeship, They work Their Own hours and choose Their Own clients. ​We love to share Our clients with each other at FPS, offering doubles and or If your chosen Mistress dosen't do all your fantasy, We do walk-ins for $50-$100 extra 

Domina Von Cunt

  • Planning; what is your kink?
  • make yourself available take the day off work
  • Which Dominatrix enjoys your fantasy?
  • Can We fit your fantasy into your budget
  • Put it into your calendar or ask for a reminder
  • Read Our website & rules
  • Subscribe to Our site and receive pics

Fetish is changing

Some sessions and Mistress' need a deposit no exceptions!

* Mistress Gabrielle only works 12 days a month now and all sessions require a $100 deposit or paid in full beforehand.

* Scat sessions require a $100 deposit.

*Any client that has missed a session or let another Mistress down requires a $100 deposit.

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BSB 085 458

A/c number 345954360

A/c name DVC Studios

Swift code; NATAAU3303M

Make A Booking

Booking a session is easy, We don't have a receptionist, you need to call and leave a message or call back if we are in session or email Us. The Mistress can answer your enquiries about Fetishes or Fantasies. We never get embarassed! If you do I recommend you email your Domme...

Have you paid a deposit?

A Great Dominatrix can bring any fantasy or fetish to life. Her beauty comes from within and sits right beside her talents.

your fetish changes over the years as does the Mistress' Thats why We love to share!

The one things that never changes is protocol, how you talk to Us, Booking your session and making the time to be in session. We are not your girlfriend We are your Mistress, the words babe hun and sexy do not live in Our world! 

Hi all,
Unfortunately the government has stop all touching services... We do fall under this category SAD FACE :(( My websites will let everyone know when We back in the dungeon full time. Please be safe look after your love ones and family... Im sure everything up the bum is safe but no kissing hehehehe
Mistress Gabrielle xxx

​Goddess Mercy available Saturdays, Mistress Kaja available Mon-Fri 08 82123332.

Miss Emily (Switch) available Mon-Fri 0455250817 

MIstress Gabrielle 16th - 25th March 2020 

Mistress Gabrielle is now in semi retirement and available about 12 days a month. All sessions to be booked and a deposit paid to secure your session time each tour. 0402572063 for more info www.MistressGabrielle.com

Fetish Palace Studios

Fetish Palace Studios Australian Mistress Fetish BDSM & Master services, Dominatrix, Domination Fetish, Fantasies for slaves & devotees. Mistress Gabrielle works in Sydney Melbourne Canberra however only works out of Fetish Palace Studios in Adelaide, South Australia

Deposits required  $$$

Our BDSM Team

Mistress Australia Australian Dominatrix, Mistress and Masters BDSM Fetish and Fantasy for all devotees in Adelaide, South Australia