MIstress Gabrielle back full time Mon- Fri

Mistress Gabrielle now back Monday to Friday at Fetish Palace Studios 11am - 7pm winter hours. Weekends and new clients pay in advance outside normal business hours, thank you.

OMG you got right into my head and fantasy... a little bit of personal stuff in the middle and finishing with "Can i marry you MG?


Our Answer,

No! I'm way more fun in session darling.


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Choosing a Dominatrix or Master can be scary, We know!

Fetish Palace Studios have changed the selection process to bring your fantasies to life – with your vision and hopefully within your budget. 

Usually you pick a Dominatrix on looks not talent. We try to match both or do doubles

if your fetish requires that.

A Great Dominatrix can bring any fantasy or fetish to life. Her beauty comes from within and sits right beside her talents. Our incredible dungeons are a breathtaking experience to behold... Are you ready?

We have put loads of fantasies on Our Fantasy and Fetish page. Find something you like and allow yourself to experience BDSM pleasures.

Booking a session is easy, you simply can call Us or email Us. The receptionist can answer your enquiries about Fetishes or Fantasies. We never get embarassed! If you do I recommend you email your Domme...

Mother Daughter Double Domme Sessions $500

Mistress Gabrielle & Domina Von Cunt 28th and 29th Sep 2019 Doing double sessions a few times a year at FPS Domina is in Her 1st year apprenticeship that has been slowly done over the past several years... Genetics don't lie Domina Has Mistress Gabrielle's precision and bad attitude x10!  

I cant wait to come back and see you again. You really know how to  connect with Me & give a genuine service. I love that your orgasms are real & you do what you say you will.

To Emily Heart

Domina Von Cunt doing sessions @ Fetish Palace Studios 28th and 29th Sep 2019 bookings 0402572063

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Fetish Palace Studios Australian Mistress Fetish BDSM & Master services, Dominatrix, Domination Fetish, Fantasies for slaves & devotees. Mistress Gabrielle works in Sydney Melbourne Canberra however only works out of Fetish Palace Studios in Adelaide, South Australia

Mistress Alex Vicia back 20th Nov - 24th Nov

Mistress Alex Vicia will be returning to Fetish Palace Studios 20th - 24th Nov 2019
book sessions 0449 935 908 or 08 82123332 

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  • Which Dominatrix enjoys your fantasy?
  • Can We fit your fantasy into your budget
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