Caning is totally underrated, and totally Mistress Gabrielle Favourite Fantasy. 

Not everyone can take a caning their first try, however, with enough practice anyone can take it!

Seriously strips are back in fashion this season... if you are unable to be marked Our Dominatrix' know their stuff and are also more than capable of light to medium play, spankings over the knee or just a jolly good thrashing that no one will see.

fiona the pain slut, one of a kind filth bag gets Mistress Gabrielle's coveted top shelf award & has earned Free sessions for life

Say hello to the new you!

slave ben gets this months devotion & fame award after 3 years of devoted services and loyalty plus gifts rendered... plus he has performance at the mars bar with Me LEGEND!

Fetish Palace Studios back when & now

Awards, whore of Fame, wall of shame & pain pigs

Fetish Palace Studios Australian Mistress Fetish BDSM & Master services, Dominatrix, Domination Fetish, Fantasies for slaves & devotees. Mistress Gabrielle works in Sydney Melbourne Canberra however only works out of Fetish Palace Studios in Adelaide, South Australia

Handbags for being a high maintenance slutty bitch, with the most amazing bitch bags Our Xdressing room has ever seen! We love Our gifted handbags BITCH! (pics below)

Fetish Palace Studios has been around for over 10 years with Mistress Gabrielle at the helm.

Founded in 2006 the dungeons have had many different faces and extraordinary talents that have graced Our floors.

There is no substitute for expertise... only disappointment when you do not invest in yourself and quality!

Mistress Australia Australian Dominatrix, Mistress and Masters BDSM Fetish and Fantasy for all devotees in Adelaide, South Australia