Fetish Palace Studios Australian Mistress Fetish BDSM & Master services, Dominatrix, Domination Fetish, Fantasies for slaves & devotees. Mistress Gabrielle works in Sydney Melbourne Canberra however only works out of Fetish Palace Studios in Adelaide, South Australia

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Fetish Palace Studios

Domina Von Cunt

  •         Kidnapping & Interrogation Scenes
  •         Latex & Leather Wear
  •         Lockup Days Padded Cell & Cages
  •         Married Fantasies & Wedding Nights
  •         Medical Fetish Play
  •         Maid Training & Cleaning
  •         Naughty Nurse
  •         Naked Master & Mistress Fantasy
  •         Nipple Play & Torture
  •         Needle Play
  •         Over the Knee Spanking
  •         Orgasm Destruction/Denial
  •         Pain Sluts & Pain Play
  •         Paddling
  •         Pet Play Puppy, Pony Pussy & Piggy Play
  •         Photo shoots Glamour
  •         Queening
  •         Role Playing Sometimes Dress-Ups
  •         Role Play of all varieties & scenarios
  •         Rope Bondage & Play
  •         Rubber Fantasies
  •         Ruined Orgasms
  •         Stocking & Hosiery Fetish
  •         Spitting & Dribble Spit
  •         Slapping & Spanking
  •         Sissy Slut Training
  •         Slave Training
  •         Suspension Spine, Leather & Rope
  •         Sensory Overload & Deprivation
  •         Tails Dragon Alligator whips
  •         Teacher & Naughty School Boys & Girls
  •         Tease & Denial
  •         Tickle Torture
  •         Trampling
  •         Video Sessions and Fantasies
  •         Vampirism & Queen Vampire Fantasies
  •         Whipping with Single & Dragon Tails
  •         Wrestling


The Mistress will always provide a free 15 minute interview on your first session and or extra time to negotiate with a submissive/devotee prior to session.


Just a quickie - $100 10-15mins Get a spanking or blow & go with someone that also loves the fun of not knowing the person or fantasy and the fun of visceral passion involved in quick encounters in toilet fantasies.


Submitting to a Dominant- Do you long to submit to a Dominant and relinquish all control? $150 - 30 Mins

At Fetish Palace Studios We rejoice in placing you into an assortment of situations at the mercy of Our skills and exposing you to Our ever evolving knowledge by taunting, teasing and testing you into to a place of physical and mental submission. Training you to obey and serve the Mistress's every needs and desires and pushing you to your limits to take a little more each time. Rewarding you when you have achieved the set goal/s and disciplining you when you have failed to please. 

Switching - Experience the best of both worlds with Our fantasy Lady and a switch session $250 - 30 Mins
During the duration you will share the roles of being dominant and submissive with a switch. Exchanging the power of being in control then adopting a submissive role. Mutually satisfying your dominant and submissive needs within one session.

For you to dominate a Palace submissive $250 - 30 Mins If taking the upper hand is more your style, then having the pleasure of a submissive yield to your own fetish needs is a gift of pleasure you may enjoy. Having the opportunity to take the lead and exert your own Dominance into a scene of training a lass to your own standards....?

Exploring your Fetish - What really is a Fetish? $150 - $200 30mins Do you have a yearning to be close to an object, fabric, hosiery, rope, latex, leather, body part. A yearning to be in a Medical room - longing to caress your minds desires - breathing in the smells and even given the chance to become close and intimate with that physical desire? Then you have a fetish. What ever it may be We are ready to share your fetish with you. 

Role Play scenarios Find it easier playing out your fantasy by taking on a role & setting a scene? $150 30mins Creating and running with a script or allowing it to discover your fantasy free form? Then step into our world of role play. We are talented and able to step into a role with ease and confidence. And with a little bit of notice we can create a whole scene with costumes and setting if need be. 

Femformation - Let us strip away your masculinity and layer you in the finery of feminine attire $150 - 30mins From foundation garments of stockings, lingerie and heels or fully transform you including make up and wigs into a female. Then train you in deportment and etiquette on how to become a lady, maid, sissy or a loose woman in our Fem Formation Parlour. Photos shoots Makeup loose yourself in Our pink room.

Double Domme session - It's almost every man's dream to have two Dominant Women!$250 - 30mins

We take total control of you and mould you into a toy for our own amusement. Scenarios range from - light tie and tease, fetish, role playing, humiliation etc.

Sensory deprivation - If sensory deprivation and or sensory overload is your kink $200 - 30mins Being wrapped in tight bondage of leather, latex, cling film or what ever the imagination can conjure then this 3 hour session gives you time for your body to rejoice in the sensation of being bound, the mind time to slip into a state of bliss and your soul to be humbly taken over.

Lock Up Only Session - Fetish Palace Studios has a padded several Cages$300 - 3hours* and pieces of bondage equipment that are specifically designed to capture and bind you for long periods. Be locked up and left for hours on end hoping Mistress has not locked you up and thrown away the key. 

Full day sessions Option 1 maid training $1000 - 6hours  This full day is ideal for you if you enjoy the role of a being in service. The members of Fetish Palace Studios will dress you appropriately and put you to work mostly doing cleaning duties. You may be chained, chastised and tortured slightly during these chores if you are good or lucky... Once chores are completed and checked you will be suitably dealt with. Who knows you may even be used by more than one for Our own pleasures and fun.

Full Day Session Option 2 $1500 - 8 hour This full day is ideal for you if you enjoy being Mistress's play toy all day includes 6 hours of session time. Enjoy the intensity of Fetish Palace studios and all it has to offer with an all day play session. Intensely pleasurable you will be subjected to an array of play from your wish list of desires which the Dominants of The Palace will choose to indulge in. You will be allowed time to recover, rest and ponder during the duration of the day in one of our confinement pieces of equipment or cages, but believe Me you will be tested and limits pushed too.

Over night session $2000 - 15 hours6pm - 9amish This option is ideal for, but not limited to, the interstate traveler. Spend a night at The Palace - submit, play and maybe dine the evening away while being under control of the Mistress and at her mercy and whims. Very much like the full day session but you get to sleep in the cage when Mistress has had enough of you. Just like the full day session, you receive 6 hours of intense play and will be locked in the cage when Mistress is ready for bed or resting. you can also opt for sleeping in a sleep sack at the end of Her bed on the cold hard floor.

Extended sessions over days - $300 for the first hour & $100 for every other hour spent in the dungeon, you are treated like a personal slave used, abused, filmed, what ever Mistress wants of you of course. We use your wish list but you are a slave and will do as you are told!

  •          Anal & Strap-On Play
  •         Adult Baby Fetish & Adult Cot
  •         Ball Busting, Kicking & Squishing
  •         Ball Stretching
  •         Bondage & Discipline
  •         Bondage & Mummification
  •         Brown Showers
  •         Blood Play
  •         Body Worship
  •         Breath Play
  •         CBT & Torture
  •         Caning & Tawse
  •         Chasity & Key Holding
  •         Clothed Female Naked Male
  •         Corporal Punishment
  •         Cross Dressing & Feminisation
  •         Couple Play
  •         Cuckolding
  •         Double Domme & sub Sessions
  •         Enemas
  •         Electrical Play
  •         Fetish Everything
  •         Fisting & Stretching
  •         Financial Domination
  •         Flogging & Single Tail
  •         Foot Fetish, Boot & High Heel Worship
  •         Forced Bi
  •         Forced Cross Dressing
  •         Furries
  •         Golden Showers
  •         Glory Hole Locker Room
  •         Humiliation Degradation - Verbal etc
  •         Human Furniture & Objectification
  •         Human Toilets
  •         Impact Play
  •         Interrogation
  •         Incarceration Fantasies
  •         Saline Inflation & Inflatism  

Mistress Australia Australian Dominatrix, Mistress and Masters BDSM Fetish and Fantasy for all devotees in Adelaide, South Australia