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Domina Von Cunt

Fetish Palace Studios Australian Mistress Fetish BDSM & Master services, Dominatrix, Domination Fetish, Fantasies for slaves & devotees. Mistress Gabrielle works in Sydney Melbourne Canberra however only works out of Fetish Palace Studios in Adelaide, South Australia

  • First impressions count! Be respectful when talking to a Mistress, Master, or Receptionist when you call or email.
  • Mistresses have better things to do with their time, other than wait around for devotees to make up their mind. Find what interests you and ask the relevant questions when calling. The receptionist or Mistress on the phone will answer your enquiries and do their best to guide you in the right direction.
  • Calling us is not a free fetish or sex call service. Keep it concise and to the point. If it is going to be a long phone call, send an email to: fetishpalace@optusnet.com.au Or pay Us for a fetish/fantasy.
  • When you make a booking make sure you write it in your diary and if needed, take the day off. We regard your fantasies as the most important thing in the world and so should you.
  • We will charge you a cancellation fees, if We do not have time to rebook your session position. A minimum of 4 hours notice is required or you will pay a $50 cancellation fee and you will have to pay in advance in future. you cannot call us and re-book or negotiate a session 10 minutes after the original start time.
  • Turn up on time. Do not arrive one minute before or after you are due. Respect our neighbours and wear suitable attire while entering the building.
  • Do not attempt to renegotiate the fees / tributes. We are more than happy to do less for more money, however, We will not do more for less money.
  • you will not be admitted onto the premises if you are visibly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
  • We have showers if you are coming straight from work, Hygiene is paramount for Our equipment and Our noses.

Mistress Australia Australian Dominatrix, Mistress and Masters BDSM Fetish and Fantasy for all devotees in Adelaide, South Australia